Updates in the HelpDeskEddy system (05.22.2020)

Good day, colleagues!

We are glad to share with you the updates that we have add recently:


New features to limit access rights and system security:

  • User access to the system via the IP group whitelist. This is the ability to set restrictions for a group of users by adding their IP addresses to the allowed list. This will allow you to restrict access to the system, for example, only from the office. Or if you use our integration - we recommend limiting access to the user API - only with the IP address of your server;
  • Number of login attempts, user lock / unlock if this parameter is exceeded.

Additional features of the dispatcher and automation:

  • Two new tags for sub-requests Parent Request ID and Unique Parent Request ID have been added, which means new abilities for building WebHooks;
  • New tag - SLA term - you can notify your customers about the maximum (planned) deadline for the execution of the request;
  • Additional conditions, Request is sub-request and Request creation time, are added;
  • In request custom fields with the types “Text field” and “Text area”, the ability to insert tags in the Dispatcher has been added. This will allow you to add the contents of the tag to the individual access field directly without using WebHook.


Improvements on the side of tickets fields:

  • When editing or creating an individual field for a request or contact, it is now possible to change the Field Group for this field directly. New features for managing individual fields are expected soon - this option will be especially relevant!

Additions for contacts:

  • The observer mode has been added to the group, this is convenient when you have a group of users who should monitor but not fulfill requests;
  • In the Contacts section, the ability to carry out Advanced Search by users is now available, just click on the gear with the same name and then additional search fields will become available;
  • User search in the Contacts section is now also carried out by the content of individual contact fields.


API updates:

  • Added filter by API / users groups;
  • Added section Knowledge Base (BETA);
  • Check by IP number of attempts in the API;
  • Search in text custom fields has been added to the user and organization APIs.


Other updates:

  • Changes to tags in the Notifications section, it is now possible to use all available tags from the Manager to create notification templates. The list of tags in the section remains unchanged, but their content has changed a bit. We recommend checking your templates in the section for matching tags;
  • When editing a response in circulation, it became possible to use response templates from the Knowledge Base;
  • A new tag Number of responses in the tickets has been added to the Printout, to enable uploading information on the number of responses in the requests in the report constructor.


We hope that these innovations will be useful for you, and in case of any wishes or questions, please contact us:

  • https://support.helpdeskeddy.com
  • support@helpdeskeddy.com
  • +7 (499) 346-87-44