New contact widgets and push notifications in HelpDeskEddy (03.19.2020)

New widgets of channels

Any efficient company or organization, regardless of its field of activity, strives for maximum customer satisfaction. The popularity of messengers and social networks in the modern world requires high-level convenience of working with customer requests from these channels. There are more channels every year, and it is difficult to determine which channel will be in priority for a particular client.

That’s why companies should let clients use convenient contact channels and give them an entire list of possible available options in one place. To do this we have implemented a new widget of channels, which can be placed on your own site, offering the available channels: VK, Facebook, Viber, Whatsapp, Telegram, OK, Skype, Instagram, and also built-in widget-chat. That way all sources of necessary channels for the client will be available and concentrated in one place.

Putting such a widget on a webpage, blog or site will make them more interactive and give customers the opportunity to switch to a convenient communication channel for them with just one click, which will save time and guarantee a faster and high-quality level of service.

In practice using the widget for a client may look like this:


New functionality in dispatcher(trigger):

  • Two actions for push notifications about various events in the system: "Send browser notification" and "Send browser notification to a group of users.";

There is a wonderful opportunity to customize the alerts for yourself or other employees in different situations of need: with a new response or request from the client, adding estimation to the ticket, exceeding the SLA term, and many other conditions which Dispatcher can implement. At the same time, there is opportunity to immediately go to the desired ticket by clicking on the pop-up push-notification;

  • New action: "Change the performer to a less loaded one from the group taking into account the status, channels and number of calls";
  • 2 tags added: LDAP login name of the creator and executor of the application.


 Improvement at API side:

  • Field with an LDAP name and ability to search on it;
  • Additional filter by date and users to the API method(Audit).


Other updates:

  • 2 new filters: “Number of replies” and “Number of comments” in the ticket;
  • To the  "Employee report" has been added a checkbox "Clothing date", which will help filtrate closed tickets in the chosen period;
  • New filters for "Contacts" by notifications, similar users and type of company users.


We hope that these innovations will be useful for you, in case of any wishes or improvements, please contact us: