Creation of sub-tickets with the initiation of the correspondence to the channel and other improvements (02.12.2020)

Sub-ticket functionality with the initiation of the correspondence to the channel

We know how important it is to solve every request from a client and not let a single question unattended. But quite often there are situations when one ticket from a client includes several questions, some of them can be resolved quickly and some will require additional time. For example, the ticket can be moved to another department, the responsible person can be changed or it can require a reply from partners, as a result, the time for its solution(response) will increase - which is not proper for requests from social network and messengers channels because the responding time in such cases is minimal.

For such cases, we have implemented various possibilities for creating sub-tickets for requests from channels giving us two options:

  1. Classical. Generally, it's used to put a user’s question in a separate sub-ticket where answers will be sent back by e-mail;

  2. A new option for creating sub-tickets from channels allows you to create a sub-ticket of client's request which has already been closed.

Thanks to this, it will be possible to return to the discussion on a specific client question within the same channel, at which the client wrote before, by using the ability to initiate correspondence with the client from the system.

Each channel has its own time frame for the initiation, which should be considered.

This functionality allows you not to only increase clients loyalty by receiving answers to a comfortable communication channel for them but also fully preserves the necessary analytics for each employee who worked with these requests.

In more detail about those options of working with sub-tickets from the channels and their specificities, see the following video:


Additions for individual reports:

  • To print templates has been added a new function: “Add headers to the beginning of the print”, which allows you automatically to add the names of tags (headers) in uploaded reports;
  • To the Printout have been added two new tags: “Unique ID of the parent ticket” and “Unique ID of sub-tickets”. It makes easier to understand whether a particular ticket belongs to the main one and which sub-tickets were created for it and vice versa.


Channel Side Improvements:

  • The command “/pm” (private message) has been added to the Telegram channel - it will allow initiating the beginning of a dialogue with the bot in case the message was written in group chat;
  • Now the phone number from Whatsapp is written as the user's phone number.


Other system updates:

  • In group actions, it becomes possible to add a mass comment;
  • In API has been added source of ticket: source.


We sincerely hope that you will enjoy these novelties, in the case of any wishes and questions feel free to contact us: