Contact merging in the HelpDeskEddy system (12.27.2019)

Greetings, colleagues!


Giving the chance to clients to use various communication channels, it’s necessary to consider that client could write to all possible channels: email, messenger, social network or make a call and of course he wants that his question will be solved in the fastest way. In this situation, the system creates several user cards for each channel. And almost always the client assumes that you see and have access to his previous requests created from other sources. Operators, in their turn, see several requests from different sources and re-process the same requests from the same applicant. This creates an additional load, increases processing time of tickets and inconvenience of operator's work in general.

To provide to operator the most relevant information of customer requests history and to solve such situations, we have implemented the functionality of contact merging!

This functionality allows you to combine different user cards from different channels from the same client on certain criteria - full name, phone, mail, username or the contact himself. Clever hints, both in tickets and in the Omnichannel module, will alert you if the creator of the ticket was found similar contacts in the system, which in the future, if necessary, can be merged. When merging contacts, the history of tickets is also merged.

This feature allows you not only to update the contact information of your customers, but also to access the history of all tickets, including those that were created through other channels of communication or using outdated contact information. Thus, the functionality not only saves operator time, but also allows you to more accurately get analytics and history of work with the client.

More details on how to use this feature can be found in this video:


The new functionality of the dispatcher:

  • Added an additional condition "E-mail recipients", with which you can check whether specific recipients are specified as recipients of the letter (including in a copy or in a hidden copy) or not;
  • Added the "Added feedback" action to the ticket via dispatcher;
  • The additional condition "Ticket feedback" has been added with the parameter "No feedback";
  • Added new tags to the dispatcher:
    • {first_comment} - first comment in the ticket;
    • {first_comment_attachments} - files of the first comment;
    • {first_comment_date} - date of the first comment;
    • {first_comment_author} - author of the first comment;
    • {first_comment_id} - id of the first comment;
    • {first_comment_user_id} - id of the agent who left the first comment.
  • Added a log to monitor responses when sending web hook. Also it is now possible to add webhook responses to the ticket comments, it will allow to monitor the sending of webhooks and, if necessary, the information will be displayed in the ticket itself
  • Checkboxes have been added to the dispatcher actions to allow notification to be sent to the recipients specified in copy (cc) and hidden copy (bcc) of the ticket:
  • Send an email to a user group;
  • Send an email to the department's clients;
  • Send an email to the department’s staff;
  • Send an email to a staff member.


Add-ons in reports:

  • Added 2 new charts in the global report (bar charts horizontally and vertically), as well as the possibility to switch between them;
  • Added downloading of charts in the dynamics report;
  • Added a button to hide in the dynamics report;
  • Added the "owner group" field in the global report;
  • Added possibility to set your SLA on the first answer in the channels report;
  • Added ticket tags in the "Printout" menu.


Improvements on the channel side:

  • Added an option for VK channel to display comments under products from a group/community and respond to them from the system;
  • New provider MFMS for WhatsApp Business channel;
  • Added reading of Infobip contact name (to enable the functionality, you need to contact your provider directly).


Other system updates:

  • Messages that was sent using macros are automatically send to channels.


We are sure that these updates will be useful for you and in case of any wishes or questions, please contact us:

  • skype: helpdeskeddy