Custom user fields in the HelpDeskEddy system (08.08.2019)

Dear friends!

We have analyzed the feedback from our users and we came to the conclusion that at the moment there is an urgent need to be able to add and use custom fields in the cards of users and companies. And our team has implemented such a possibility for you!

So we are glad to present you new functionality – custom fields of users and companies!

Thanks to this new, convenient functionality you can now add your own fields to the user card, which will contain additional information: it may be the address, type of activity, position, information about contracts and much more...

Moreover, you now have the ability to add conditions to check the content of the user card values, which opens up a wide range of possibilities to automate many processes in the system: for example, to check the content of these fields in the dispatcher and then automatically send emails, assign the responsible party and much more. For example, you want to know whether the client has contacted you before, using this field you can classify the appeal as a repeated one, and if so - to categorize, delegate or simply close the ticket.

Following types of fields have been added to the user or company card:

  • Text field;
  • Text area;
  • Drop-down list;
  • Numerical field;
  • Field "Date";
  • Checkbox;
  • Linked lists.

You can learn more about the setup and operation of custom fields of user and company cards in a brief video:

Thus, thanks to these custom fields you can not only record and categorize information about clients, but also automate the work with contacts and companies in your system.


Possibilities of integration in the system via API for contact fields:

  • Added parameter custom_fields to API;
  • Filter by time of creation and editing of the company;
  • Filters and sorting by users and organizations.


Additions in the work of the dispatcher with contact fields:

  • Conditions for checking values of individual user fields are added to the Manager;
  • Individual user fields are added to the Dispatcher’s tags;
  • 2 new tags have been added to the Dispatcher: “group name of the ticket creator” and the “language of the ticket creator”.


Other updates in the contact card:

  • Added time zones to the user card. Now you can specify the user's time zone and understand which time zone he or she is bound to, as well as the business time during which the user can be online.


We hope that these innovations will be useful to you, in case of any wishes or improvements, please contact us:

  • skype: helpdeskeddy