New Channels and Omnichannel capabilities of the HelpDeskEddy System (10.22.2019)

Greetings, colleagues!

We are glad to share with you the latest updates, which are primarily aimed at improving the processing of tickets from the Omnichannel module, as well as to expand the capabilities of messengers and social network channels.

The new WhatsApp Business channel for receiving enquiries

For representatives of large and medium-sized businesses there is a great opportunity to connect the WhatsApp Business channel to the system. Such accounts are issued only by official WhatsApp providers,  system cooperates with InfoBip provider. This solution is technologically similar to the unofficial one, but most importantly, it eliminates the possibility to get banned, and your customers will see that they communicate with a verified company. This integration is paid for separately. For more information, please contact us via the contacts below.



  • Added reading of any message from the quote;
  • Added reading of sent messages from other chat rooms;
  • In case the chat has a name, the name is displayed as a topic when creating a ticket;
  • New types of messages, video and audio have been added.


  • Added citation reading;
  • Added reading of sent messages;
  • Added displaying of a message branch from posts. If the answer is in a branch (correspondence), the original message will be displayed separately;
  • Added reading of photos and comments from the wall (without possibility of reply);
  • Added reading of video and comments from the wall;
  • Added reading audio (without possibility of reply);
  • Added discussions (without possibility of reply).


Additions in the Omnichanel module:

This module has been updated and improved for the most comfortable and fast work with tickets which are coming from channels, social networks, messengers and chat widget:

  • Added a new module - access to the queue of unassigned tickets, access to the module is regulated at the level of user group;
  • Added a preview of the ticket inside the module, as well as the possibility to open it in a new window;
  • Displaying of operators by their groups during the chat transfer;
  • Adding the Reply button for tickets from VK.

The following omnichanel settings are now available:

  • Setting up the merging of all responses into one when the correspondence is over;
  • Setting up the channels and statuses that will be displayed in the module.


Updates in the Dispatcher’s work:

  • Required condition – A rate has been added;
  • Additional condition – Ticket rate;
  • New tags – Ticket rate and a Comment to the ticket rate;
  • Added 4 new SLA tags to the Dispatcher: SLA expiry date, SLA expiry time, SLA time remaining and SLA time remaining in minutes;
  • Sending a letter to the application supervisors.


Improvements on the Reports:

  • Added a new tag to Printout menu: date and time of first comment;
  • Additional columns in the global report: Number of reopened tickets, Number of reassigned tickets, Number of closed tickets from the first response, Percentage of closed tickets from the first response.

API updates:

  • 3 new fields added to the API: CC, BCC and followers (list of users following the ticket);
  • Added user language in API;
  • API new filters and sorting on users and organizations;
  • API filter by freezen and deleted in tickets;
  • The deleted tickets API are now available for reading;
  • Possibility to change mail via API;
  • Jira REST API has been updated to version 8.1.2.


Other system updates:

  • It is now possible to tick "select all" in filters, macros and custom fields;

The global audit now records information on adding and editing companies in the system.

We hope that these innovations will be useful to you, in case of any wishes or improvements, please contact us:

  • skype: helpdeskeddy