Automatic replies in the channels and chat bots in the HelpDeskEddy system (05.08.2019)

Dear friends!

We are glad to introduce you a new versatile functional that will help you to maximize work automation in the system and increase the efficiency of your client service!

HelpDeskEddy Universal Chat Bots!

Bots can be configured to work with any channel: Viber, Telegram, WhatsApp, OK, VK or FB - which is why they are versatile. They allow you to automate work with clients' requests based on the requested information without the actual participation of agents! For example, send greetings, information about system capabilities, news, etc.

The dispatcher’s rules will check the content of client messages for certain key words - the bot will respond to these key phrases and immediately notify the client about information he needs.

Several business processes that can be realized through the work of chat bots:

  • Automatic customer greetings. The first thing that starts communication with user! As soon as the client starts his request with some greetings, for example, "Good day", "Hello", etc. - the system will immediately send a greetings in return;
  • Automatic reply to keywords such as: "Payment", "Cost", "Opportunities" - the system checks the content of the user's message, and on its basis sends him information about the cost of the product, the possibilities, etc., depending on the content of the message;

More information about the bot settings can be found in this video:


  • Automatic responses to the client based on pre-prescribed algorithms (chains). System can check for the presence of the specified text of client’s reply, and then you can arrange a cyclic job with ticket without the direct involvement of the agent. When client creates a request, the bot will offer further variations of work with it. For example, in order to know the news – type 1 in reply, learn about the possibilities - type 2, according to the received answer the bot can automatically send all the necessary information to the client.

More about examples and settings of the bot can be found in this video:


Thus, with the help of this functionality, it is possible completely automate work with routine user questions, without, or with partial participation of agents and allows you to unload them and increase customer satisfaction.


We hope that these innovations will be useful to you, in case of any wishes or improvements, please contact us:

  • skype: helpdeskeddy