Various updates in HelpDeskEddy system (01.28.2019)

Hello, friends!

We bring to your attention various updates and improvements that we have implemented recently:


Updates in the system interface:

  • In global settings, you can edit footer of the page. Due to this, for example, you can specify the name of your company, which will be displayed in the footer of your system;
  • Ability to Enable/Disable the ticket preview. Now, when you hover the cursor over the ticket in the general list, you see following information: the first and last answer, status, priority, etc. Now this function can be disabled in several ways:
    1. Individually: each user can do it in his personal profile settings;
    2. Globally for all users. Go to the Settings of tickets and tick checkbox “Disable the preview in the list of tickets”.


Improvements when working with applications:

  • New form for customer feedback. The appearance of the form where client leaves feedback is completely redesigned. External changes will also be able to see and employees who work with it. If a positive review was left - the feedback button will turn green, otherwise the button color will be red. Moreover, after the first feedback, client will be able to change his opinion through his personal account - perhaps the operator was able to supplement his answer and help the client who will change the feedback to a positive one;
  • Tags can be used in the comments from now. Great news for those who often use information on tickets and customers in the comments. If you need to specify in the comments the content of the first response of the ticket or name of the client, now there is no need to copy it manually, just use the appropriate tag. You can use tags from the dispatcher and knowledge base.


Additional system integration options:

  • The "comment" parameter has been removed from all /users/ methods in the API - uploading comments using the API will be unavailable;
  • In the global settings, the key API field has been updated, which is required for authorization in the HelpDeskEddy system from external resources. The key now looks like this: email:api_key;
  • API key appeared in each user card, which is visible only to the creator of system.


For ease of reference with reports we added:

  • Tags which responsible for the content of the first and last comments in the printout. Now in the report you can get data from both the responses and from the comments in the ticket. This feature allows you to get more accurate information regarding internal work with ticket.


We hope those innovations will be useful for you, in case of any suggestions or improvements, please contact us:

+7 (499) 346-87-44