Updates in the HelpDeskEddy system (12.26.2018)

Welcome, Colleagues!

At your numerous requests, in anticipation of the end of the year, we have released a huge number of updates and improvements, which, of course, should make your work in the system faster, more comfortable and more productive!

Updates affected the following modules:

Additions in the Knowledge Base:

  • Awesome news to those who likes automation of processes in the system - we have implemented the ability to add tags to knowledge base articles! This means that when you select the desired article, you no longer need to spend time filling out the relevant fields, they will be filled in automatically, that will increase the speed of work with tickets;

How to work with the updated functionality of the tags you can find out in this short video:

  • Multilingual templates – now you can find knowledge base templates in various languages.


Updates in reports:

  • Added Pie Charts to the General and Employee Reports. These diagrams perfectly visualize the ratio of positive and negative feedbacks, as well as display the percentage of feedbacks to the total;
  • When you generate Feedback report while you see the list of empoyee's tickets - there will be automatic forwarding to "Feedback by tickets" report of this empoyee, where you'll be able to see feedback and comments;
  • In the Feedback report, the columns Date and Number of tickets have been added, as well as the ability to manage the columns and upload data to Excel.
  • Added tags to the Global Report - number of employee / client comments.


Additional possibilities of working with tickets:

  • Updated ticket ID - now you can add the first letters of the department name to ticket id, set the order of  numbers in the ticket, specify the year, month or day of ticket in the system;
  • The ability to hide a pop-up window (preview) when you hover through the ticket in the general list;
  • Added the ability to edit comments;
  • Comment creation time is displayed to the nearest seconds.


New dispatcher tags:

  • Date of creation - the first / last / penultimate answer, last comment;
  • Tags to leave feedback of ticket - positive and negative.


Additional functionality of macros and filters:

  • Sort filters. Inside the filter, you can set the forced sorting according to a given criterion, ascending or descending (when using sorting in filters, additional sorting cannot be used);
  • Added a condition in the filter by the period of the custom field of type "Date". The filter can be set with the condition “For a period of N days” in two different directions (+30 days or -30 days) and thereby capture the period of 2 months;
  • In macros, added the ability to use tags when sending answers or writing comments.


Additional user functions:

  • In the user card of ticket’s history now are displayed tickets which are in the archive;
  • Automatic removal of a tick of notifications from a fired employee.


Improvements on the the Groups, access rights:

  • Added the possibility to prohibit ticket freezing.


New Jira integration features:

  • Ability to search for Jira tickets by id. The number must be specified through #;
  • Jira label appeared in the list of tickets. Hover will display the Jira task list.


Additions in the mobile application:

  • Added the ability to upload files when creating a ticket by the client;
  • Display and edit custom fields with “Client” access type.


SLA improvements:

  • The opportunity to put an SLA term on pause when ticket is frozen; after unfreezing it, the SLA period will continue from the moment it is frozen. You can enable this option in the SLA settings by ticking “Stop SLA when freezing”.


Other updates:

  • Self-renewing domain name change.


We hope that these innovations will be useful for you, in case of any suggestions or improvements, please contact us:



+7 (499) 346-87-44