User audit report and other functionalities (10.29.2018)

Dear Colleagues!

We would like to share with you the latest updates and improvements in the HelpDeskEddy system:


Added new audit report:

We are often asked how to evaluate the productivity of support staff. The task is not easy, especially when the number of agents is huge. One of the objective parameters is the amount of responses to customers (as well as the number of comments). In order to have specific numbers (and of course the graph), we created a new report! For each sample, you will be able to analyze what kind of action the employee performed, sort it, see the time and the number of actions. Not a single step of the employee will now be left out of your attention.

You can also filter your search by specific parameters. For example, you can find out which employee most often added a response to ticket (and to which one), closed or created tickets, applied a macro, sent letters, combined tickets and many other actions.

After generating a report by the specified criteria, information by the number of tickets can be sorted in the order that is convenient for you, filter the tickets by the desired action / user / group, hide unnecessary parameters, print the data or export them to excel or csv. Thus, you can get absolutely any information on the actions of employees in the context of the specified data. This report allows you to identify the best employees, as well as less effective ones.

More information about the work of the new report can be found in this video:


Improvements in the Global Report:

Added new parameters "Number of employee responses" and "Number of client responses" - now you can find out the exact number of answers for each department, ticket owner, client, find out how many responses there were in a particular ticket, etc. Due to this, you can find which tickets were corresponded for unreasonably long time, find this ticket and figure out the reason. These parameters can be found in the "Column Management" tab.

Also, there are two additional columns "Average number of employee responses" and "Ratio of client responses to employee." For example, you need to know the average statistics, how many answers the employees write in the framework of any criteria, categories, etc. Thanks to these parameters, you can analyze where are more responses and by what criteria or parameter that requires more attention, to see which of the employees turns out to solve the ticket faster and who is less effective.

For the convenience of working with reports, we added a menu to separate reports into groups - the main and additional ones.


Additions in the mobile application:

  • The user with the “Staff” type of access appeared fields of the CC and BCC;
  • The user with the"Client” type of access now has the opportunity to download files.


We hope that these innovations will be useful for you, in case of any suggestions or improvements, please contact us:

    +7 (499) 346-87-44