HelpDeskEddy integration with AMOCRM (03.29.2019)

Greetings, dear friends!

Due to numerous requests from our users, we have implemented for you the updated integration of HelpDeskEddy system with AmoCRM.

AmoCRM is a simple and clear accounting system for potential clients and transactions, which will help to control and increase your sales.

Thanks to HelpDeskEddy integration with AmoCRM, support staff will be aware of transactions and customer tasks recorded in the CRM system, as well as all available contacts and data are synchronized in both directions!

More information about the connection of this integration can be found in this video:


Additional functionality with ticket feedback:

  • Added the ability to edit feedback by the link for the client;

Now customers will be able to edit their feedback several times using the same link. This is relevant in the case when the operator was able to improve his answer and better help with solving the client’s problem and he  changed his feedback. Thanks to this opportunity, now there is no need to send an additional request to leave the feedback.

  • Added the ability to prohibit editing reviews from the public page;

Using this function, users will not be able to change the feedback on the public page (from e-mail), but through the system the opportunity to change it remains. This setting does not affect to leaving the first feedback from the public page. You can enable it in the "Requests settings" menu.


Other updates and improvements:

  • The Type and Priority parameters have been added to the history of customer and company tickets;
  • Added a parameter with Customer Feedback to the Global Report and Printout. Also, the Global Report now displays individual fields with "Numeric value" and "Date" type.


We hope that these innovations will be useful for you, in case of any suggestions or improvements, please contact us:

    Skype: HelpDeskEddy