HelpDeskEddy integration with WhatsApp (03.22.2019)

Dear friends!

Today we want to share with you new tools in the HelpDeskEddy system, such as integration with the WhatsApp messenger!

You can connect your WhatsApp account to the HelpDeskEddy system to receive and process appeals from personal messages or from groups you belong to. Messages will be sent to the HelpDeskEddy system in real time. In the interface, those appeals will look like a regular tickets and all functionality remains.

Also, for each user who writes from this channel, a contact card will be created with the appropriate client id from WhatsApp.

More information about setting up the WhatsApp channel and its features can be found in the video:

Also in our knowledge there are instructions for setting up this channel, you can find it here.


Other system updates and improvements:

  • Added the ability to select all departments in the user card at once;
  • Added a reset status button in the channel settings for Facebook and VK, which allows you to remove errors that return social networks without the involvement of the channel administrator;
  • Implemented the ability to add a global avatar for the department staff. Avatar can be specified in the Department’s Advanced Settings and it will be displayed using the tag of “the last 7/14 responses in the ticket”;
  • API now has a methods for managing user and company notes.


We hope that these innovations will be useful for you, in case of any suggestions or improvements, please contact us: