API updates and other additions (04.23.2018)

Hello everyone!

Most of our customers use API to solve integration tasks.

Therefore, we’ve made several improvements for the convenience of working with API, as well as with other modules. More details below:


Stricter rules for API authorisation:

  • Now the ticket upload function includes filters by the requester, priorities and type, as well as the interval filter by the created at and update at timestamps.
  • Each user can only see the departments that are available to him;
  • The user can receive only his tickets through the API. The user_list filter is inactive.
  • The default user can’t create an employee and does not have the API keys of other users;
  • You need access to users or to contacts to perform operations on users,
  • Direct access rights from the settings are available for updating, creating, deleting orders;
  • Creating / reading / deleting comments requires additional access rights;
  • Posts can be removed if you have necessary access rights;
  • The "blocked" status is taken into account if the user does not have rights to block orders, otherwise "blocked" status is not automatically considered;
  • Groups are available without access rights (required for the list of users);
  • You need rights to client companies or contacts to view organizations.


Additional options for data export

  • You can export equipment data by the number of each unit {equipment_name_ *}, for instance: {equipment_name_1} {equipment_article_1} {equipment_serial_1} {equipment_text_1} (these tags are not included in the general list). For more details please contact us:support@helpdeskeddy.com);
  • 2 new tags have been added to the export sheet: hours billed and payed for.


New settings for the knowledge base accessibility:

  • Now additional blocks can be hidden. Additional blocks include "New articles", "Popular articles" and "Important articles" at the main page, in the widget and on the knowledge base page.


Work optimisation:

  • The interval check for new posts within the ticket has been shortened to 5 seconds.


We hope that these updates will be useful to you, If you have suggestions or requests, please contact us:

    +7 (499) 346-87-44