New dispatcher, new contact module and convenient workflow with partners (06.14.2018)

Dear friends!
We are happy to inform you of the big HelpDeskEddy update. We recommend system administrators to review the following details.


User notification within the application

Often when working with an application, the agent needs to involve another person in the process without reassigning the application. Sometimes it is necessary to ask for a clarification from a colleague or a third person who does not have access to the system. What can we do in this case?

To handle this issue, we have implemented a remarkable option that allows to notify a user within the application. In order to mention the user in the application, you should enter a name in the Comment field: @Name and a drop-down list will appear with a list of users. After selecting the user you can write a message and press send. In this case, the user will receive the letter in a notification template in his mailbox. The response will be sent to the application also in a form of a comment. This option is great for cases when you need to interact with a colleague without exposing the correspondence to the client. Thus it becomes even more convenient to work with colleagues or third parties!

This feature can be used when sending a response, but please keep in mind that the response will be displayed to the client.

Now you can notify employees and third parties about the applications in which they are mentioned, as well as receive feedback from third parties without having to invite them to use the system.


New Contacts module

Now all users and companies are edited from a unified Contacts tab!

The Users and "Client companies’ modules in the Management section are now disabled. They have been completely transferred to the Contacts page. A link to the contact page can be found in the header of the system (in case there is no link please make sure that your account has the access rights for Global modules-> Contacts section).

All the settings and permissions have been migrated in automatic mode. To update the rights, you should restart the system.

  1. Advanced rights for contacts management (also applied to the API):
  • View users;
  • User audit;
  • Edit/add clients;
  • Edit/add employees;
  • Delete users, companies, assets;
  • Import/export users and companies.

      2. You can now edit the company map and user map in the current window:

  • Client creation form in the application has been optimized (minimalistic version);
  • You can now create a company on any page of the system (the "Create" button in the system header).

      3. New contacts filter:

  • Company filter and asset removal are now available at the "Equipment list" page;
  • New filters have been added to the "User List" page. You can now filter the search results simultaneously by several parameters, for example, companies, departments or status.

     4. The "Comment" field has been replaced by the "Note" field in the card. An unlimited number of notes can be added.


A new improved dispatcher

The updated version of the dispatcher includes the following options:

  • Rules grouping;
  • Condition grouping. You can now create a complex condition with an OR option instead of having to add numerous conditions manually;
  • Rule search;
  • New, user friendly dispatcher UI;
  • Rules can now be copied;
  • New conditions and actions;
  • You can now preview notifications that you create in HTML mode (we don’t implement a visual editor because it may lead to emails ending up in the spam folder).

The dispatcher is a core element of the system and we will be glad to receive feedback concerning its work.


We hope that these innovations will be useful for you. Please feel free to contact us if you have any suggestions as to how we can improve this tool.
    +7 (499) 346-87-44