Updates in the HelpDeskEddy system (11.09.2017)


Here are some improvements that we have introduced recently:

Additional features for the tickets section:   

  • Auto refresh for replies - new messages are processed in real time;
  • You can download all files related to a ticket in one click;
  • A new function for sub-tickets – you can get to the main ticket in one click from the sub-ticket interface;
  • Picture gallery is now available and here you can view all images in messages related to a ticket simply by scrolling them – instead of opening one at a time as it was before;
  • Asset search – you can find the necessary asset in the ticket.


Additional features (triggers):

  • When sending a message, you can now use a CC or BCC fields.
  • A new filter is available that allows to select tickets where the person who created the ticket is the same (or not the same) as the person the ticket is assigned to.


The following update should make the work with reports more comfortable:

  • The Service Level Agreement (SLA) report now features the average time for the first reply and the average time that it takes to solve a ticket. The time is calculated based on the working week settings (you can include or exclude holidays and weekends).
  • A new summary report on the working hours has been added;
  • Ticket preview is now available in the agent’s report.


A new feature in channels:

  • From now on customer contact information is stored in the customer profile and the user profile in Telegram.


New access rights policy:

  • 2 new limitations: restriction on a user editing and restriction on a ticket type editing.


Additional functions in the chat section:

  • You can transfer a Live chat to another agent by using the ‘transfer chat’ button in the chat window.


New integration features:

  • You can now filter tickets by user with the API;
  • LiveTex service integration; you can find more details here.


We hope that these innovations will be useful for you. If you have any further question please feel free to contact us:

  • https://support.helpdeskeddy.com
  • support@helpdeskeddy.com
  • +7 (499) 346-87-44