Updated Chat (09.21.2017)


Due to the numerous requests and wishes of our customers, we gradually improved and enhanced the functionality of our Live chat. Now we can safely say that working with the Live chat became much more comfortable!

The new Live chat is a part of our system Omni Channel capabilities.

Omni Channel System is a marketing term that denotes the mutual integration of disparate communication channels into a single system, aimed at ensuring smooth and continuous communication with the customer. An Omni Channel System includes chat, telephony, messengers, social media, etc.

In our system, Omni Channels display chat and telephony. Messengers and Social Media are displayed in the form of tickets.

The new chat allows you to:

  • Provide internal communication between employees;
  • Communicate with customers, as well as view the history of correspondence with them;
  • Accept inquiries from your website when employees are online and when there is no one on the site;
  • View the number of visitors on your website pages and if necessary, start communicating with them;
  • Create inquiries in the chat window, add information about the user, etc.

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