Integration with VKontakte (10.03.2017)


Dear friends, today we want to introduce you the integration with the social network VKontakte!

You can connect one or more communities (VK groups) to your HelpDeskEddy system and accept customer tickets both from private messages, and from posts and comments.

These messages will come into the system in the form of regular tickets, indicating how the inquiry was received in the community (personal message, post or comment). Also, for each VK customer a user profile will be created with the corresponding customer’s ID from VKontakte.

We would like to draw your attention to the fact that messages from VKontakte to the HelpDeskEddy system reach in real time, without waiting, which significantly speeds up the processing of customer inquiries!

Thus, you can connect the VKontakte channel and process tickets from a single system, while the customer will use the habitual way of communication - the VKontakte account.

Read more information about setting up the VKontakte channel here.