Integration with Facebook (10.24.2017)


For the ease of use by Facebook users we have launched the appropriate channel. Now a customer can write to you on Facebook, you will receive their message in the HelpDeskEddy system and from there you can carry out all further communication with the customer!

Connecting a Facebook page allows you to convert posts and comments, as well as direct (personal) messages into tickets. We would like to draw your attention to the fact that this refers specifically to Facebook pages (as well as in the case of the Vkontakte community channel), and not personal accounts.

In its simplicity, the procedure for adding a Facebook page is no different from adding a VK page. We’d like to notice that messages from Facebook to the HelpDeskEddy system reach in real time, without waiting, which significantly speeds up the processing of customer inquiries!

Read more about setting up the Facebook channel here.


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