To Systems Integrators

EddyDesk is one of the leaders of Helpdesk solutions in the CIS market. Distinguishing features of our platform are: scalability, speed of work with a large stream of inquiries (there are well elaborated business cases with tens of millions of inquiries) and the cost of the license.

The corporate sector requires flexibility of customisation and a wide range of system capabilities. These qualities are also in the list of advantages of our product.

As a software developer for the organisation of support services, our company invites systems integrators to cooperate. For high-quality implementation of the HelpDesk system in a large company, in addition to installing the platform itself, a whole range of work is needed: analysis, setting technical requirements, setting up the Helpdesk system, training, and integration with other customer services.

If you wish to promote our product on the market or you represent a company that is interested in implementing our product at the enterprises of its customers - let us know! We are sure to find a common ground with you.