We would like to note that the supervisor can simultaneously be an operator. Usually the job of the supervisor is to control and motivation of the agents and load distribution. For the supervisor, we have developed a separate interface that allows you to do your job as comfortably as possible.

In addition to the standard EddyDesk features, omnichannel provides the following benefits:

  • The main analytics in real time (the number of SLA violations by channels for today, the number of requests for today by channels, the average time for the first answer today, the average time for all answers today);
  • The list of active chats, with the opportunity to look into the chat, leave a comment to the operator (he will immediately see it), change the operator of a particular chat, basic analytics for each chat: creation date, total duration, last activity (if the chat expired, it will be marked in red );
  • The list of available operators, with the ability to change their status, as well as basic analytics: the number of active chats, the time since the last answer, the average time for the first answer today, the average time for all answers today. There is also the opportunity to see all the chats of a particular operator;
  • Different possibilities for automation of the omnichannel module: templates or prepared answers for operators, scripts for a chat widget (depending on the visited page), settings for the chat widget and the code itself;

Thus, the supervisor keeps all the work under control, monitoring the main indicators and can interfere with the work of the contact center, if necessary.